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Sha Menz
After speaking with the customer on the phone the company sends them a thank you email with a discount coupon for their next call. At the end of the email it now says “If you would like to tell us (and others) what you think of our service, log in to one of these networks (clickable links to google places, yahoo local, yelp) or go to our website to Write a Review (clickable button)”
Fred Perrotta
Good tips, especially the YouTube one. You want to make sure that Google has plenty of quality results to show when someone inevitably searches “(your product) reviews.”
Kristi Hines
Thanks Rick! I think some people are just naturally more comfortable writing a testimonial on one platform over another, so giving them the option to do so everywhere you can and then compiling it all later will get you the most response.
Arn NO. Euin NO.